I met Sandeep during his 100 days challenge for weight loss. He has motivated me to be fit. He is guiding me regularly and I have been able to shed 5 kgs. The journey is still going on.

Ashish Goel, 38, Businessman, Gurgaon

Sandeep has helped in cutting down my smoking. I still smoke and hopeful to quit it completely.

Manish Kumar, 32, IT Professional, New Delhi

Sandeep is wonderful! I m so happy with his sessions and with the results that I m achieving. His continuous motivation and guidance always push you towards your goal. My only setback was my laziness but Sandeep always makes sure to keep me moving through continuous motivation. He is very knowledgeable in terms of body functions, metabolism, diet, exercise, etc. He is not like regular dieticians who will force you to eat N number of things and yet not gets any results. He is different. He will guide you with the right food, right daily routine, right exercises for your body. Sandeep is an inspiration that can push you hard to get not only your desired body but your desired healthy mind. Thank You, Sandeep for what you are doing. You can help a lot of people.

Priyanka Khagwal, 34, Homemaker, Faridabad

Nice coach! Really helpful with my health journey.

Anshul Yadav, 30, IT Coach, Hyderabad

I also got myself enrolled for one of his health-changing habits sessions and it has been an awesome experience interacting with him. The best thing about him is that he gives personal touch in every session and listens to one’s concern very patiently no matter if the session crosses 30 mins of the stipulated time. The way he handles his clients and he is so determined to change one’s habits and lifestyle for good, I am sure he is going to do attain a lot of success in his career. I wish him the best of luck.

Kush Sinha, 36, Banking Proffesional, Noida

Sandeep takes a very practical approach in helping weight loss. He has motivated me to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I am very happy with the program.

Lipika Garg, 32, Housewife, Jaipur

I was a little apprehensive when I joined the program as I didn’t know him. It has been more than a month and I am now very satisfied with his coaching. What I most like is he plans and guides as per my food and exercise limitations.

Jyoti Singh, 36, Healthcare Professional, Delhi

I joined Sandeep’s Trufit program primarily to make lifestyle changes in my busy work schedule. Long and stressful hours at work meant that exercising and eating healthy had taken a back seat for me and I ended up gaining 12 kilos in 1 year. My confidence was at an all time low and on top of everything, I was also looking at getting married soon when I felt extremely unfit.
When I joined Sandeep, his focus was primarily to change habits and make permanent lifestyle changes that are sustainable. Instead of diet charts, He provided me with diet blueprints that worked well with my likes/dislikes and my vegetarian lifestyle and could be easily customized. Same applied for my workouts which were both enjoyable and pushed me to meet new challenges weekly. I always looked forward to our weekly check ins which helped me stay accountable.
In the process, I lost 10 kilos in a matter of 4 months. I am halfway through my health transformation journey with Sandeep and looking forward to it!

Ankita Agarwal, 35, Director Strategy, Texas, USA

Sandeep Singh is not a dietician, he is a mentor. The biggest stand-out factor with Sandeep is his long-term approach toward a healthy lifestyle and wait loss. He never asks you to follow his diet but allows you to eat your usual food with little modifications in timings. I never craved anything in the last 12 weeks and still managed to lose 7.5 kgs. His approach towards a healthy lifestyle is to make people follow good habits instead of staying hungry or following limited choices of food. Another differentiator is his personal time every week and availability throughout the week over chats which motivates you and keeps you on your toes all the time. Thank you, Sandeep for all the support and kudos to your different approach towards health. All the best

Shaina Wadhwa, 35, Banking Professional, Gurgaon

I was an avid smoker for 15 years. Sandeep was very patient with me and helped me in quitting smoking. He gave me not only tips and tricks to deal with it but also more importantly he was there in my journey and continuously boosted my motivation to do it. I and my family owe it to him and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to quit smoking.

Nagesh Banga, 38, AVP Edtech, Gurgaon

Sandeep, is a true mentor and coach. My mindset of living a healthy lifestyle has changed with his ways of looking at food and nutrition. He has helped me with my weight loss journey and I now feel much energetic from before. I will suggest to all to join Truefit for those who are looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Praveenta, 31, Digital Marketing, Chandigarh

Today was my last session with Sandeep for his 6 months wellness program of weight loss. I am very happy with what i have achieved as my aim of losing 15kgs came true. I am still going with his guidance and goals and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to lose weight. He gets so engaged with his client and also is available when you need him during your cheat days.

Sandeep K, 38, Legal, New Delhi

I had very low confidence in managing my weight. I enrolled in TrueFit’s weightloss program 2 months ago. Sandeep is guiding me patiently and diligently. He always listens to my POV and provides me with a plan which works for my routine and life choices.

Neeraj Kathuria, 40, Technology Consultant, Hyderabad

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