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We are based in Gurgaon and provide overall health and wellness programs remotely to clients across the world. We take a holistic approach by matching scientific methods with behavioral changes to create a road map for sustainable recovery. We help you bring a better version of yourself through individualized food and lifestyle changes that meet your unique needs and health goals.


sandeep singh

Sandeep worked with S&P Global for 11 years in research and data operations. He has a smoking cessation and weight loss transformation story. He took 100 days challenge to quit smoking during lockdown in 2020. After completing 400 days of non-smoking, in 2021, he took another 100 days challenge and shed 30 kgs in 100 days. The story was shared on LinkedIn and received an overwhelming response with more than 1.7 million views. A detailed post on his diet and workout regime was also published by The Times of India. He is on a mission to share his guiding principles for living an active lifestyle, balanced nutrition, and sustainable weight loss. For this purpose, TrueFit has come into existence. Sandeep is happily married for 7 years and is a father to twin girls.

Self Reliant

focus on reducing dependency on external factors and utilizing the existing ecosystem

Client Oriented

diet and workout regime 100% tailored as per the client’s milestone requirements

Dynamic Sessions

agile approach by regularly taking client’s feedback in creating their wellness journey


health recovery program

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