Today I turn 35, and I would like to share why it feels like half of that age.

I smoked during all my adult life. I always wanted to quit it. I tried many times but started again. It happened so often that I believed I would never be able to stop it forever. Last year, I set a goal to not smoke for 100 days. The challenge brought several moments of anxiety and restlessness, accompanied by a persistent urge to take a puff. Drinking plenty of water and doing regular breathing exercises helped in curbing the cravings. Today, I have completed 500 days of non-smoking.

Today also marks the end of another milestone. In June this year, I crossed 100 kgs (220 lbs). It would have been a healthy weight if I was 6’7”. But at 8 inches shorter, I was obese. The extra kilos made me lethargic in both mental and physical work. So, I took another 100 days challenge to reduce my weight to what I used to weigh during my graduation days. I am excited to share that I lost 30 kgs (66 lbs) of excess body weight for the challenge.

At 17.5, I never smoked and weighed the same as I do today. Now, I feel younger, stronger, and more energetic. My lungs and heart are healthier than before. It was possible with the determination, discipline, and constant support of my family. I hope to remain in this shape and regime for many years to come.

For mental and physical health & wellbeing, avoid unnecessary food, thoughts, and people.

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